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Cathy was a data scientist- She got her Ph.D. in Computer Science. Starting as a real estate investor, Cathy found her true passion in real estate. With strong data analysis skills and product management experience, Cathy has been quite successful in real estate investment. Later on, she became a professional realtor to help others to buy or sell properties, as she truly enjoys working with different people and negotiating deals.

Cathy believes a real estate agent should bring peaceful mind to clients. During the stressful house selling/buying process, clients can always rely on her, no matter what situation. Her analytics-driven approach helps clients better understand current market trend, properly access property’s value, and choose the optimal buying/selling strategy. In addition, Cathy has strong interpersonal communication skills and is good at deal negotiation.

Cathy lives in Mountain View with her family and enjoys spending time with two lovely kids. In spare time, she loves reading, hiking and chatting with friends. She also tries different cuisines and collects recipes from all over the world, even though she is not a good cook ;-).


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Cathy was extremely knowledgeable and professional during the whole process of helping us find our new home. She always answered our questions promptly, based on her broad understanding of the market, combined with her personal experience and understanding from a friend's perspective. She has never pushed us to make a rush decision in the hope of personal gain, instead, she always tried to advise us think twice and make wise decisions. She was the key factor that we were able to land an awesome deal and find our current sweet home. We were so lucky to have her as our agent and strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a home in the Bay Area.

– Jie Li and Fan Liu

Cathy is quite professional at her field. This is our first time to buy a property and it only took us two weeks to get a townhouse at Sunnyvale with her help. She is also very kind and respondent. She would answer my questions or schedule a tour at midnight and when the counter price went too high, she was the person to say stop instead of pushing us go too far away. I will recommend her to my friends!

– Guangxiu Fang and Qingzheng Chen

We feel extremely lucky to have Cathy as our buyer's agent to buy our very first home in California. We are first time buyer and are working remotely from where we want to do house hunting. Cathy was knowledgeable and professional throughout the whole process - She briefed us on the area carefully and listened carefully to what we want. She gave constructive suggestions and took us to open houses during week days usually with short notice. Cathy is flexible and always willing to take us to whatever property we are interested, from where she would start giving advice with all the fact. During the process we had tons of random questions, sometimes at night, sometimes in the early morning - She's super responsive and always answered clearly with patience. This is specifically helpful as we had a tight schedule and wanted to move fast. When in the offering stage, Cathy was professional to draft the offer which helped us to get the house we wanted in a fast and smooth manner. The closure also went well thanks to Cathy's recommendation on the loan broker. Overall, if you're buying a home at South Bay or you don't know much about how to buy a house like we did, I'd highly recommend Cathy.

– Jiaying Bi and Lin Mi

Great service together with perfect advise for buying a home, you worth it!!! If you are looking for someone who could clear your mind during the peak time, providing cool suggestions not only for purchasing price, but for future potential, you should go with Cathy for sure.

– Dandan Ma and Shiying Hao

We are lucky to have Cathy as our real estate agent. She helped us to purchase our first home in California. She is very knowledgeable and responsible. She did real estate investment herself for a long time. Thus, she has good sense on real estate investment. Meanwhile, Cathy is very patient and always listens to us. She takes time to communicate with us and understand what we really need. She gives us her recommendation and explain the reason but never push us on anything. According to our budget, long-term and short-term plan, she helped us find a property which fit our needs best. She is honest and always points out the good and bad points of a property. She never push us to buy and always put our interest at the first priority. She has great negotiation skills and local network. During our transaction, she is able to negotiate a great price for us. We will definitely recommend her to our friends for any real estate related business.

– Xiaokun Zhang and April Wang

It's our great pleasure to have Cathy as our buyer agent! Cathy is very professional and patient, we basically knew nothing about buying a home in the United States and we learned a lot through the home buying procedure this time, Cathy is always willing to answer our questions and provide more information. More importantly, Cathy is very honest, she will tell you upfront the undesired things that may happen and won't hide them, I think this is crucial for buyer/seller to adjust the expectations reasonably. P.S. Cathy just helped us to buy a house, this is the second offer we made and we are glad it's accepted. Although we are still in the process of the loan, I hope everything goes well. I would definitely recommend Cathy to my friends and whoever is reading this review.

– Lu Zhang and Dandan Zhang

Cathy was a very professional and helpful agent, and she helped us buy a great home in Mountain View. Cathy strives to get the best deal for us. She is not someone that would just push you to bid higher. Instead, she finds ways other than the numbers to make the offers attractive, while keeping the price fair. She is very knowledgeable about the local market (SV, MV, etc) and well connected to find the best new listings. She is very open to give honest opinions about the houses, even if the market appeared to be sizzling hot. As a result we avoided getting trapped in a heated bidding war. After the sale, she kept helping us, answering all the questions from remodeling to local pre-schools. We would definitely recommend her to our friends for housing needs around the peninsula.

– Liang Xiong and Ying Liu

I'll recommend Cathy to all of my friends who are buying homes! She's knowledgeable about my areas of interest(Sunnyvale, Cupertino and west San Jose), patient and responsive throughout the whole process, before and *even* after my transaction, which made my life much easier as a first-time buyer. It's such a peace of mind I've got! She's also expert in inter-personal communication and negotiation, thanks to which I was able to get the current home at a good price. Moreover, she helped me with basic structure questions, too, so I was confident while making a offer.

– T. Wang

My wife and I worked with Cathy to search our next new home in a specific area. The searching is quite challenging because we really narrowed our future house in a specific area code that we are familiar with, we had many strict criteria about house conditions and nearby environment, and we had tight budget that was firmly set. But Cathy kept close contact with us and vigorously searched any potential houses as soon as they were newly listed. She followed our schedules for house tours and always accompanied us in checking out new listings/houses. Many times, she reminded us about any issues with some houses via her insights and research, therefore, we avoided many future/potential headaches with those houses, had we not got such valuable advices from her. In the end, we got our dream house via her help, effort and unbeatable negotiation skills. We really feel lucky to have got to know Cathy and have relied on her to find our dream house. We highly recommend Cathy to anyone who wants to have a trustful, sincere and friendly agent to help find their next houses.

– Peifeng Zhang and Yawen Wei

Cathy helped us purchase our first home. We were on a tight schedule but Cathy managed to find us the right place and negotiate a good deal for us. Highly recommended! Now, couple of points on why you should hire Cathy for your real estate needs in the bay area.
1. Cathy is very knowledgable about the local real estate market and the whole real estate business process. She knows inside-out the value of houses, and makes recommendation based on concrete market data. Her data science research background really sets her apart from other agents.
2. Cathy puts customer first, and provides excellent service. Although we were on a tight schedule and would like to get a deal asap, Cathy did not rush us to any homes that are not a good match for us. She wouldn't hesitate to advise against buying if there's clear downside. Throughout the whole process, Cathy has been taking us to see homes tirelessly, and making meaningful analyses. When making offers, Cathy would actively reach out to seller agent, get latest info, and keep us posted. I think that's key to getting a good deal in this market. After the deal was finalized, she also helped out with several touch-ups of our newly-purchased home!
3. Cathy is professional, friendly, and responsive. Her exceptional communication skills make us feel very easy to work with her. Without any exception, we got our questions answered quickly. This alone makes us feel less stressful about home hunting.

– Tony Yan and Katherine Du

Cathy helped us smoothly sell our home in an uncertain market condition at the top of our expectation range. We decided to relocate for work and sell our property in San Jose at the end of summer 2016. At the time, the Bay Area housing market had experienced some slowdown in recent months and we were not sure what to expect in selling price. After talking with multiple listing agents, we decided to choose Cathy as our listing agent, due to her data and fact driven approach, as well as good communication skills and proactive timeline management skills that she gained from her corporate job. She made sure that we always knew what the key things were for each phase of the selling process, and delivered her service in a reliable and trustworthy way.
Cathy did extensive research on our neighborhood and our house, identified top selling points for our house, as well as potential concerns buyers may have about some unique features of our house (e.g. heavy wood shakes roof that did not have a great appearance but would provide maximum comfort level and energy savings through better insulation compared to composite shingles roof). Through buyer education, she made sure that buyers’ concerns were all well explained and that potential buyers understood the correct market value of our house. On the offer deadline day, we received 8 offers on our house, with one having the highest purchase price but some contingencies. Cathy then successfully had the buyer (buyer’s agent) remove all contingencies using her strong negotiation skills.
In the end, we had the best of both worlds – highest price without any contingencies. We sold the house at the highest point of our expectation and are very happy about the result that Cathy delivered. We would highly recommend Cathy to anybody considering any real estate transactions. I am sure that you will be happy about the end results.

– Lucy Fan and Steve Zheng

Recently I bought a new house and sold the old one within a short time frame. Cathy represented me in both cases. I cannot say enough about the good work she did!
She was with me in the house hunting battle for over a year, during which she had been always supportive regardless of my decisions. Each time I felt very confident and comfortable when making an offer. Even when I lost, I knew it was for a good reason. She never asked me to bid up high, like most agents would do. She stayed within my budget, and gave professional and helpful advice. Rather than pushing me to make offers, she always listed all the pros and cons for each property. She even gave me school information, neighborhood environment and etc. Her negotiation skill was wonderful! If it were not for Cathy, I would have lost the opportunity to purchase my wonderful dream house.
When I decided to sell the old property, it was summer vacation time. The housing market was slow. One of my neighbor's listing was on market for more than a month and could not find a buyer. Cathy presented the selling strategy and then suggested some improvement tasks to make it more attractive with minimum cost. I hesitated at first about making those improvements. Now I was so fortunate to have followed her advice. Every penny is worth it! Even before the open house, offers already fly in. Cathy hosted a wonderful open house which attracted more traffic than I expected. I was well informed of each offer in a timely manner. Everything went well during transactions. The result turned out to be very satisfactory.
I will definitely go to Cathy for my future housing needs. I also highly recommend Cathy as both listing agent and buyer agent to my family and friends.

– Yanyan Zhu and Jun Chen

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